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Mad Mics Mulch ™
Composted Loam
Screened Loam
Half-Inch Minus-Screened Loam


Treated salt bags
Bulk salt treated
Bulk salt untreated
Safe Melt ™ Deicing Liquid

More about Mad Mics Mulch

Please visit Mad Mics Website to learn more about how Mad Mics Mulch can make your yard beautiful and help keep our environment healthy.

Mad Mics Mulch is organic landscaping mulch made from recycled horse bedding and harvested from local farmers. Chemically-dyed mulch breaks down into planting beds and releases chemicals. The organic mulch that we use also breaks down in planting beds; however, when it breaks down, it adds lab-tested positive nutrients that enhance plant and shrub growth while beautifying your gardens.

More about Safe Melt Deicing Liquid

This material is a non-toxic, environmentally-gentle, water-soluble, biodegradable, calcium-based product that is mixed with forestry byproducts to form a de-icing liquid that is less corrosive than pure water. Safe Melt can be sprayed straight onto bulk piles for use in sanders for over-road applications. Also, it is capable of melting down to 20 degrees below zero, so expect to use 30% to 50% less salt and sand.

Further Details

Safe Melt de-icing liquid can also be applied to bare surfaces hours before the start of snow or ice storms, resulting in the creation of a non-stick surface. This will prevent ice and snow from bonding to your pavement.

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